HT-MT500 and HT-MT300 – two new Compact Sound Bars that stylishly matches your living room

The first compact soundbar series from Sony, these new soundbars offer the best solution for all your home audio needs. Both the HT-MT500 and HT-MT300 will stylishly co-ordinate with the current trends in living room design, whilst providing a pure and natural, high quality sound experience, while acting as a wireless speaker for music listening.

But it’s not just about the look. The High-Resolution Audio enabled MT500 can even upscale and enhance all the sounds that it plays out. These compact sound bars also come with a slim wireless subwoofer that is small enough to blend into your living room, you can even hide it under your sofa to really feel the bass.

With Bluetooth® and NFC connections to stream music from your phone, or with one touch, direct from the Soundbar (MT500). These are not just Soundbars, they are smart wireless speakers for the home as well. A USB port allows you to connect USB devices for easy playback.

A stylish match

The slim form is created with the design conscious in mind making sure a soundbar can sit by the TV in the living room without standing out, obstructing the view or hiding the TV IR sensor. Designed with a new compact concept in style, colour and materials used to blend into our living rooms, both the MT500 and MT300 are made with a tactile finish where the speaker casing is covered in a leather look surface and matt grill front. The colours are chosen to match the latest interior design trends, available in charcoal black or the option of crèmewhite.

Feel the sound

These sound bars may be compact in size, but not in sound. They can improve the sound of whatever you are watching thanks to S-Force PRO Front Surround, emulating cinema style surround sound and putting you at the heart of the movies you love.

To up the ante, enable Sofa Mode and you will still be able to feel the low frequency effects when the subwoofer is positioned horizontally underneath the sofa. As another option, the sub can be placed vertically next to another piece of furniture if desired.

Stream your music

The MT300 will provide smart connections via Bluetooth® and NFC, while the MT500 also comes with Spotify Connect and Chromecast built-in so you have access to over 100 music-streaming apps. For extra simplicity, the MT500 also has a Music Service button to quickly access the last song you were playing from your Spotify Premium account, without the need to connect and play from you mobile phone or tablet.

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